Unique Cardiac Event Capture with Retrospective Recording Capability

The worlds first portable Cardiac Rhythm Event Monitor that captures a preceding 2.5 minutes of an individual’s rhythm prior to event activation, making correlation of any symptom-causing arrhythmia more accurate.

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A cardiac event monitor is usually a compact device that captures the user’s heart rhythm upon user-activation.

An event monitor is for anyone who wishes to monitor his or her own ECG rhythm. 

It also enables the patient to find out if symptoms such as palpitations (the feeling of your own heartbeat, usually at a fast pace), extra beats (feeling of extra beat above the normal rhythm), missing beats (sensation of ‘skipped beat’ during normal heart rhythm) are caused by a cardiac arrhythmia.

If you are unsure whether you are suitable, please consult your cardiologist or physician for advice.

Unlike many ECG event monitors or wearables which only capture the rhythm after the device is worn and activated, a retrospective recording ability enables the patient to capture the rhythm prior to the event that had caused the symptom.

Recording the rhythm post-event may miss the cause of the palpitation (as it may occur very quickly), and may have passed by the time the device is worn.

The Spyder Personal is the only cardiac event monitor in the world that is able to capture ECG for up to 2.5 minutes retrospective to the event, increasing the chance of capturing the cause of symptoms such as missed beats, extra beats, irregular beats or fast heart beats.

This 5-minute ECG event is sent direct to your email upon activation and it presents your ECG rhythm 2.5 minutes prior to the activation and 2.5 minutes after event activation (Total 5 minute Strip) in a PDF format.

This report can be printed out or forwarded for consultation with your physician. The strip can also be reported by WEB Biotechnology if it is sent to the following email: [email protected]. Please note that charges apply.

Yes. You can see your own ECG rhythm ‘live’; as long as the device is paired to the smartphone.

Once the event is activated on the phone, a preceding 2.5 minutes and a post activation 2.5 minute ECG strip is captured ( total 5 minute strip ) and sent to your personal email.

The event transmission service will continue to work as long as there is cellular data connection (this requires mobile data plan or local SIM card plan in specific territory) or WIFI internet connection.


No. This is not an emergency device and the ECG is not seen by a doctor before it is sent to your email. It is used as a diagnosis tool.

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