Spyder ECG Holter Event Monitor Mail-List Personal ECG monitoring.

Mobile Holter Service (Delivery and On-site setup. Available in Singapore Only)

Note For Clinics
  • The process of leasing Spyder Pro is initiated by submitting an online request below. Service will commence once forms are complete.
  • A call or email to the clinic and/or patient will be sent to inform day/time the monitor will be sent out.
  • Patients will be taught how to fit monitors onsite. The monitors are all supplied with full instructions for connection. If you have a technical query during connection, please email [email protected]
Note For Patients
  • Male Patients to Shave Chest Hair before application
  • Spyder ECG is not waterproof and may not be brought into the shower.
  • Patients, who experience symptoms are to tap on the ‘Event’ button on the supplied smart phone.
  • Patients have the option to key in a short memo to detail the cardiac event, if deemed necessary

Patient Registration For Holter Service

1 Day3 Day7 Day

Online PaymentBill to Clinic