ECG Cardiac Wireless Holter Event Monitor. Spyder Personal Features

Spyder Personal

Spyder Personal – The Patient’s Portable Event Monitor

SPYDER Personal is an ECG rhythm display and wireless capture system that provides a user interface on any Android smartphone or device.

The Spyder Personal Use is a smart ECG Event Monitor, utilising a paired smartphone, intended for individuals who wish to find our more about their own ECG rhythm and store ECG events either for their own knowledge, or for eventual consultation with a physician.

This is particularly useful for individuals with symptoms of Palpitations, which can manifest as :

  1. ‘Extra’ or ‘Thumping’ heart beats
  2. ‘Skipped’ or ‘Missed’ heart beats
  3. ‘Irregular’ heart beats
  4. ‘Fast or ‘fluttering’ heart beats

As you wear the Spyder, it stores your ECG rhythm continuously in the paired smartphone and allows direct visualisation of your own heart rhythm at any time on the smartphone. If you feel symptoms, an event can be triggered via the interface on the phone, and a 5-minute hard-copy ECG rhythm/event page will be sent almost immediately in PDF format to your email of choice .

This event reporting is available world-wide, so long as the paired smartphone has cellular data connectivity.

This 5-minute ECG event page is unique as it presents your ECG rhythm 2.5 minutes prior to the activation, in addition to 2.5 minutes after activation ( Total 5 minute Strip ). This is possible as all ECG data is stored in the paired smartphone and the Spyder app is able to measure, organise and send this data. This addresses the issue of many ECG event monitors which only capture your rhythm after the device is worn and activated, and may miss the cause of the palpitation as it may occur very quickly, and may have passed by the time the device is worn.

Please note that no diagnosis is provided in the Email report. This report can be printed out, or forwarded for consult with your physician. Alternatively, we can provide a report signed by a qualified physician through prior arrangement.

Function :  Real-time ECG monitoring with Bluetooth devices
Acquisition :  3 leads
Sample Rate :  250 per second
Dynamic Range :  +/-5mV
Resolution :  10μV
Freq. Response :  0.5 to 25Hz
Common Mode Rejection :  >100dB @ 50Hz
Input Impedence :  > 10MΩ @ 10Hz
Patient Leakage :  < 10μA
Battery Type :  2 x AAA
Battery Voltage :  3V
Battery Life :  3 days
Battery Included :  No
Data Transfer Method :  Bluetooth 2.0
Weight :  26g (without batteries)
Dimensions :  60 x 55 x 18mm
Operating Temp :  5 to 42℃
Operating Relative Humidity :  15 to 93%
Operating Pressure :  Atmospheric pressure of 700 to 1060 hPa
Data Access :  DoctorSpyder Website
Accessories :  User Manual, Spyder App for mobile devices