Web Announces The Launch of the Spyder Personal Bundle Plus

We are pleased to announce the Spyder Personal Bundle Plus now with a special price of $399. (Usual $449.)

The Spyder Personal Bundle Plus is packaged with the following:

  • 5 x ECG Event Analysis (5 Minutes Each).
  • From now till 30th September 2018, Buyers of the Spyder Personal Bundle Plus will get an additional 5 ECG Event Analysis (worth $150), giving a total of 10 cardiac event analysis.
  • Additional ECG Event Analysis may be purchased separately.
  • Only for new Spyder Personal Purchase commencing 24th August 2018.

*ECG Event Analysis are defined as the 5 minute patient-triggered readings from the legal registered owner of the Spyder Personal.

For Limited Time only. Subject to Terms and Conditions. Web-Biotech holds the right to withdraw or alter the Spyder Personal Bundle Plus, when fully redeemed, anytime, without prejudice.


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