Why having an On-demand ECG monitor and event recorder is important for detecting abnormal cardiac rhythms?

The advent of technology has made it possible to have sensitive medical-grade wearables that detect infrequent abnormal heart rhythms (cardiac arrhythmias) in patients of all ages.

The consulting physician may recommend such a system when symptoms are sporadic – less than daily.

Current cardiac event monitors may miss the actual event, as by the time the monitor is worn, the event may have already passed. In addition, existing cardiac event monitor, which are usually hand-held, can only record a ECG rhythm when the device is held by both hands, which means these are usually limited to only a few minutes of recording.

The Spyder Personal is a unique wearable that will change how infrequent arrhythmias are detected. It is a small leadless sensor that sends continuous data to a paired Android phone, and records a 5-min ECG strip when activated by the user.

Upon patient trigger, the recorded strip is unique in that it displays the ECG rhythm 2.5 minutes prior to the activation and another 2.5 minutes after activation. This therefore will record any symptom or ECG abnormality prior to the user activating the recording. The user can also input type of symptom directly on the phone, therefore improving the correlation between User symptoms and actual ECG abnormalities.