WEB Biotechnology announces the release of the Spyder Personal Event Monitor – Available for Online Purchase

Spyder Personal ECG Event Monitor is now released for online purchase to select countries. The Spyder Monitor is capable of recording up to 5 minutes of ECG data upon patient trigger. This key data is then archived in a secured and private cloud exclusive to the Spyder Personal user. The resulting data can then be extracted as a PDF to be reviewed by the user’s personal doctor or user may also opt for our analysis report service by our team of doctors and medical professionals.

With the extended time recorded upon patient-trigger, the Spyder Personal is therefore more likely to pick up very infrequent arrhythmias, such as single extra-beats, or runs of irregular rhythm ( such as atrial fibrillation, a common arrhythmia that can potentially cause stroke ) as compared to traditional event monitors, and feed-back the information to you for immediate attention. The 5-minute strip provided is also more likely to accurately correlate and time your symptoms with any ECG abnormality.