spyder pro

For Medical Professionals

True remote wireless ECG Monitoring

Physician Web-based Interface allowing 24/7 live data access to patients across multiple locations

Cloud Storage

ECG data stored within cloud server, no dedicated data server required for setup

PDF reports

Summarize report can be downloaded and provided to patient


Web-based interface allows physician access to data from any wired PC workstation

User Friendly

Easy review interface for direct online reporting

Private & Secure

Only authorised data access to pre-specified Spyder Units


Spyder Pro – For Medical Professionals, Clinics and Hospitals use

spyder personal

For Individual use

Self Manageable

Easy set up allowing user to view medical grade ECG on paired smartphone

Storable events

User triggered timed events allows 5-minute ECG rhythm strips to be sent to cloud server

Instant feedback

5-minute ECG rhythm strip can be viewed through email from anywhere with smartphone data connectivity


Compact wire-free device allows inconspicuous ambulatory use for self-monitoring

Auto email feature

Allows 5-minute event to be sent to user via email for viewing in PDF format, or for user to forward to physician for consultation

Private & Secure

ECG data can only be seen by user unless directed to physician for consultation


Spyder Personal – For Individual Use

about spyder

The Spyder ECG System incorporates the worlds’ smallest wearable continuos ECG sensor and is designed to replace traditional remote ECG devices such as the Holter ECG, Trans-telephonic ECG and Implantable loop recorders, utilizing ubiquitous ‘Digital Health’ Info-Comm Technology platforms.



Compact, lightweight (weighs only 26g without batteries) 48g with batteries.

Private & Secure

Private & Secure

ECG data is encrypted and only authorised users will have access to ECG data.

Session Reports

Session Reports

Customised reports can be generated immediately after review.



Quick and easy application to the body and transmits wirelessly.

Clinical Reports

Clinical Reports

Data is ready for review at the end of each session for clinical reporting.

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Physician’s web based interface allowing access to patient data from multiple locations.

doctor spyder

DoctorSpyder – Physician’s web based interface for ECG data analysis. ECG data transmitted from Spyder are processed in the cloud server, and allows physicians and qualified specialist to review the ECG data and create diagnosis report.

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Active in 30 over countries and growing

4 Days

Average Number of Days a Patient Uses Per Session

3800 +

Number of Patients monitored

30 Days

Longest Monitoring Medical Approved Device

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